Welcome to King Edward VII School

King Edward VII School is a vibrant, forward-looking and confident comprehensive school. We aim to meet the future needs of our young people and the world they will inhabit. Students come to the School from all parts of Sheffield and from all backgrounds, often as a result of parental preference. We feel that this diversity well reflects the City of Sheffield and at the same time gives the School one of its great strengths.

Another strength is our partnership with parents and the wider community. We feel that it is very important for home and school to work together closely and for trust and confidence to exist between parent and teacher and learner. For this reason, we are an open school with open attitudes and parents will always be welcome.

The great challenge for a school is to provide learning opportunities of the highest quality for all its students. To do this, a school has to be calm, purposeful and happy; it also has to be enterprising and adventurous. It also needs to show that it respects and cares equally for each and every girl and boy in the school. It needs to work together as a community and at the same time pay attention to the needs of the individual. Above all, a successful school is a place of hope, optimism and endeavour as well as of great energy.

On behalf of my colleagues, I am pleased to invite you to get to know us better and to work in partnership with us to enhance the education of your children.

Yours sincerely,

Beverley Jackson

- Headteacher

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