The 51 bus service from Sheffield City Centre stops in Broomhill, on Manchester Road and in Crosspool.  This is the bus which stops closest to Lower School.  Due to the high number of people catching this service for the university and hospitals the buses are often late, students are advised to catch earlier buses if they can. They run every 10 minutes.

Other routes from Sheffield City Centre include the 52 bus to Broomhill with a short walk up the hill to Lower School or the 120 bus which stops in Broomhill and on Fulwood Road (near the Florentine Pub), again with a short walk up the hill to lower school.

The 52 bus also runs from Hillsborough Interchange and students can get off on Crookes (at the Grindstone Pub) or in Broomhill and make the short walk to Lower School.

Please see the map on the following page for bus stops close to Lower School site.

At the end of the School day, students wishing to catch the 51 bus should do so at the Darwin Lane turning circle.  This bus is a special service, dedicated to KES students.  It is scheduled to leave at 3.12pm.

Students are not allowed to catch the 51 bus from Manchester Road/Vernon Terrace after School, for heatlh and safety reasons.


Further information about all the bus routes can be found at

Bueses to Lower