The School maintains a vigorous stance on the importance of high attendance levels and any absence is monitored closely - electronic registration takes place for every lesson in the day. There is a very strong connection between a good attendance record and success at school - Year Leaders work closely with parents and the School Welfare Service to ensure that absence is kept to a minimum.

Parents can help by:

  • A note to explain any absences.
  • Arranging family holidays during term time.
  • Actively encouraging their son or daughter to achieve an excellent attendance record (95% or above).
  • Contacting the School quickly if there are any problems about attendance.


Information on attendance and absence

1138 - Number of students of compulsory school age on roll in September 201​6​

497 - Students in the Sixth Form in September 201​6​

6.2% - Percentage of student sessions missed through absence 201​5​-201​6

1.6% - Percentage of student sessions missed through unauthorised absence 201​5​-201​6​

93.8% - Attendance rate 201​5​-201​6​


Leave of absence during term time is only granted in exceptional circumstances.​